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The Huddle 4/4

by Cal Siegel: Huddle 4/4 During the month of October, Cal will be presenting C&S readers with “The Huddle,” a miscellaneous gathering of art…


Weekend in LA

It’s still fair season, so this weekend’s looking a little quiet. Expect a pick up in the next few weeks. In lieu of a…

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Interview with Jibade-Khalil Huffman

with Lindsay Preston Zappas & Julie Niemi (Via Publication) A few weeks back, Julie Niemi of VIA Publication, and I caught up with Jibade…

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Styx & Stones
Life of the Party with Peter Schenck

 A series by artist and writer Jacquelyn Gleisner, “Styx & Stones” is a monthly column that features short, experimental interviews with visual artists of all backgrounds. Each interview highlights the relationship between music,…